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Quickly assess your areas of risk in transfer pricing

Does your company have a potential transfer pricing exposure?

- This tool assesses the potential transfer pricing risks a company is exposed to through a short series of simple questions: 5 minutes are enough.

- As soon as you complete the questionnaire, you will have access to an organized thematic chart showing main areas of risk, without having any obligation to fill in your contact details or contact our teams.

- IMPORTANT: please note this tool is designed purely from the perspective of a French company. While transfer pricing rules are very harmonized internationally, this questionnaire may lead to inaccurate results if answered to from the perspective of a non-French company.

Confidentiality: Fidal guarantees that all access to this information will be strictly limited to Fidal teams. No information may be shared with a third party without your prior consent.

Disclaimer: this tool offers a chart based on the answers provided to the questionnaire. It does not replace a more in-depth analysis. Only an in-depth analysis may deliver a fully precise risk assessment.

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